Did I Do the Right Thing?

I was taking a momentary break from work and scrolling around Facebook on July 25.  I came across a post from a local dog rescue.   They had a 15 year old dog who they were desperately trying to find foster for.  The dog was a very large bulldog mix.  She had such sad eyes.   It broke my heart.  I passed by it but needed another look and more info.  Her current foster family could not keep her and if she did not get a new foster home she would be put down.  Her name, Big Momma.   She needed to go to a home with no other dogs because she does not do well with other dogs.   I emailed and asked if I could try taking her if I could keep her separated from my other 3 dogs.  They didn’t think it would work.  Not much later they asked what I had in mind.  I asked them to come and check out my house and my idea.  It was worth a look.  Someone from the rescue did come to my house and approved of the idea I had.  The idea was to keep her in my office, door shut and gate up outside the door just in case.  We waited for the current foster dad to bring Momma.  They arrived and as soon as I saw her, I was in love.  She is a big girl with the biggest, sweetest eyes.

Had I not agreed to foster her, she would have been put down that night.

Momma has terminal breast cancer that has spread to her lungs.   We don’t know how long she has.   Could be a year, could be a lot less.  I just want to make her happy and feel loved for as long as she has.

It will break my heart when she passes, but, I am willing to take the hurt so she can have a good end of life.



The Dog that Started it All

In April of 2014, I had to put down of my rescues, Roscoe after only having him for 8 months due to overly aggressive and dangerous behavior.  My other dog Bernie, was going to be alone.  I decided to adopt another dog to keep him company and help me with my grief.   I looked online a bit at different rescue organizations.  I saw a couple dogs I wanted to see at the Rhode Island SPCA.  By the time I got there, those dogs had been adopted so I looked around to see what other dogs were available.  I looked at several.  There was one cage I looked at and there sat a dog who was 13 1/2 years old.  Very sad to think of a dog living with a family for that long and then being left at a rescue.

My first thought was no way, too old.  Her name was Jenni.  Each time I went near her cage to either look at her or passed by to look at another dog she would come to the gate and look at me.  As soon as I passed by she went to the back of the kennel and lay on her bed.  She was getting to me.  I saw another dog I was interested in possibly adopting so I filled out the application to show interest in that dog and also decided to add Jenni. I could not stop thinking about her.

I received a call about a day later that the first dog was adopted but Jenni was available.  I made an appointment to bring Bernie down to meet Jenni with me.  We did a meet and greet outside.  Jenni was very sweet and just looked so sad.  Bernie and Jenni did fine.  I decided to adopt her.   I could not leave that sweet old dog at the shelter.   It broke my heart to think of her being left there and watching her family walk away.

I filled out an adoption application for Jenni.  I would have to wait a couple days before it was official and I could take her home.  I was nervous and excited.  Was I doing the wrong thing?  Was she too old?  Would I get my heart broken too soon after taking her home?    I decided she was worth the risk.

I returned a couple days later to pick Jenni up and take her home.   As soon as we got home she got out of her crate and explored the house.   It didn’t take her long to get comfortable and wanted up on my bed in no time.  She was the sweetest dog.  She adjusted well to me, Bernie and her new surroundings.

She was very affectionate and loving but also could have a slight attitude, in the best possible way, which I really loved.  She had a lot of energy and loved to eat and cuddle.   I got very attached very fast.

She was with me for two years before she passed away.  My heart was completely broken.  I knew this was a risk when adopting an older dog but it was totally worth it.  I hope that I gave her a lot of love and fun during her last two years instead of passing in a shelter all alone.

After having adopted Jenni, I really only have interest in adopting senior dogs.  I know the young, cute puppies will be adopted very fast.  The older dogs take a long time to get adopted and most times they don’t get adopted at all.

I want to make as many senior dogs happy and feel loved in their final years.